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  • Repair Service
  • Recycling
  • Dryer-Vent Clean

Need to repair your appliances?

Yensu Appliances repair service repairs just about any appliance, from dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators, to washers, dryers and microwave ovens.



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Save the Earth! Recycle!


Because recycling your appliances in Tampa  is subject to local interpretation and budgets, you may find that recycling things and parts may be quite easy or relatively difficult depending on where you live. The best place to learn about recycling is to call YensuAppliances  and learn how you can get cash for your trash.



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Danger at home?

If your dryer takes over 50 minutes per load you may be at risk of a dryer fire. We have the skills and the equipment to get your dryer vent clean.



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Why Yensu Appliances

We have Certified Technicians

Factory trained technicians

Satisfaction Guarantee

Service Guarantee on all our appliance repairs.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Shop safely with a professional company.


Save our Planet Recycle @Yensu Appliances

  • Good for the environment +

    Recycling requires far less energy, uses fewer natural resources, and keeps waste from piling up in landfills.  
  • Prevents global warming +

    In 2000, recycling of solid waste prevented the release of 32.9 million metric tons of carbon equivalent (MMTCE, the unit
  • Good for your economy! +

    You can save the planet and earn some cash doing so.  
  • Reduces water pollution +

    Making goods from recycled materials generates far less water pollution than manufacturing from virgin materials.  
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